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Digital Cloud Solutions

Why EasyAppx?

EasyAppx Platform that provides business cloud application solutions and technology services for enterprises with worldwide partners, assist all customers to achieve the business portfolios with lighten-weight operation services without including any high cost but improvise high efficiency values.

Industrial Solutions

Providing comprehensive solutions that covers different industries and meets up with all kinds of scenarios


Mobile recharge, transportation tickets, flight tickets, cinema tickets, online ticketing etc. Through this service users can easily book tickets by scanning QR code to complete the transaction despite his physical location anywhere around the world.

Sync transaction data and stock management, provide simple and efficient payment service, manage multi-level business relations, improve conversion and sales
Based on the location information (words, coordinates) shared by users, the LBS module can provide merchants’ information nearby for the user’s reference, such as stores, hotels, restaurants, and events etc.
Integrated portal for smart government, process public services quickly, one-stop convenient municipal services, promote Internet and government innovation, improve the service level. User can pay through WeChat instead of visiting the office.
Combine utility payment services in public sector, provide smart payment for electricity bills, property management fees, cable TV bills, communication bills, network bills, and transportation fines etc. The information resources of payment, account system, services, culture and charity would help to improve the city information and smart services.

Industrial Solutions

We have integrated mature software products for different industries and built various cloud application services which fulfills the client’s requirements for data security, compliance, system integration, and complete functions to build a mature IT infrastructure to meets up with all kinds of scenarios.


We can make your retail business more approachable to your customers by delivering customized solutions. Our deep knowledge of retail industry and customer behavior enables us to build solutions best suited to your retail business.

Payment checkout
Assets management
Real time tracking
Merchandising & supply chain management
Mobile Wallets
In-Store Inventory management
Workforce management
Loyalty programs


Before diving into an eCommerce project, think carefully about the features needed, or you will be regretting it later.
The Most Important E-commerce Features Include:

Promotion and discount tools
Customer Management
Order Management
Search engine optimization
Reporting & ticket tools
An integrated blog & Email marketing
Multiple payment options (PayPal, WeChat Pay, etc.)
Category & Vendor Management
Shipment & billing System


EasyAppx has worked in various Enterprise sectors like Trading, Engineering, Warehouse, Petroleum, Energy & Utilities, Transport, Manufacturing, Automotive Construction, Real estate, Hospitality, etc. With our global partner’s technologies and experience we have developed customized IT solutions that has generated qualified results.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Customer Relationship Management
Business Intelligence
E-Commerce Portals
Content Management System
Human Resource Management
System Integration
Workflow Automation Solutions
Supply chain management
Budgeting & Billing management


Easy Pay payment technology is designed for global PG & PSP companies to meet with O2O, B2B, and B2C cross-border payment requirements, by providing safe and convenience payment services to retails, merchants and acquirers.

Payment Gateway
Integrated Payment System
Online payment solutions
Data Management Analysis
Payment SaaS solutions
Mobile POS System
3rd Party API integration


Integrated portal for smart government, process public services quickly, one-stop convenient municipal services, promote internet and government innovation, and improving the service levels.

Private Cloudy
Big Data
Artificial Intelligence